Current ALAMOPROMISE Scholars


Congratulations on joining the PROMISE!

Now that you’re enrolled and attending classes, 我们希望帮助你以雇主最看重的证书和资格进入劳动力市场. As an AlamoPROMISE scholar, it is important to stay connected through and your email for updates.


Important Information for Currently Enrolled AlamoPROMISE Scholars

To support your success at the Alamo Colleges and beyond, we want you to maintain your AlamoPROMISE Scholar status.

In order to keep your AlamoPROMISE Status 你必须在高中毕业后的秋季学期注册, please note the following eligibility criteria for program continuation:

Credit Hours Requirement
  • To ensure progress to a degree or certificate completion, AlamoPROMISE强烈鼓励学生在秋季和春季学期完成至少18个学分(每学期至少9个小时)。.

    Remember: AlamoPROMISE涵盖长达三年(连续六个学期,秋季和春季学期)或完成副学士学位或学术证书, whichever comes first.
Continuous Enrollment
  • AlamoPROMISE学者必须连续注册最多六个秋季和春季学期(不包括夏季)。.

    AlamoPROMISE students may take classes during the Summer; however, other sources of funding such as the Expanded Summer Momentum Program, 奖学金或其他援助将需要使用,因为AlamoPROMISE最后一美元资金不适用于夏季学期.

    For more information about scholarships, please click here.
Financial Aid Eligibility
  • AlamoPROMISE Scholars must maintain Financial Aid eligibility. 在AlamoPROMISE项目中,当前的学者应每年提交FAFSA或TASFA. The priority date to submit is May 1, other priority deadlines can be found here.


    在优先截止日期之后提交财政援助申请的在读学生, continued eligibility as an AlamoPROMISE scholar is on a space-available basis. 重要的是要尽快提交FAFSA或TASFA,以成为明年AlamoPROMISE的一部分.
Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • AlamoPROMISE Scholars must remain in Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

    • 注:每年春季成绩公布后,十大网赌正规网址官网区都会检查SAP. This includes maintaining a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA).
Program of Study Requirement
  • AlamoPROMISE Scholars must pursue Courses in their Program of Study (CPOS) in order to follow federal requirements.


    For specific questions about what counts toward their degree, Scholars may contact their academic advisor.
Additional Requirements
  • 完成由AlamoPROMISE项目办公室向学生的官方alamo传达的任何其他项目要求.edu email account. 
We are here to help!

If there are concerns about meeting any requirements, 学生应该与他们的认证学术顾问一起工作,以获得例外考虑和持续成功的计划. The AlamoPROMISE Program Office is also available to assist with any questions at


关于AlamoPROMISE学者身份变更的任何通知将由AlamoPROMISE项目办公室传达给学生的官方 email account.


Financial Aid and AlamoPROMISE

As an AlamoPROMISE scholar, you must maintain Financial Aid eligibility. This includes submitting and completing your financial aid application –  FAFSA / TASFA – every year you are enrolled at the Alamo Colleges. The FAFSA/TASFA opens in the Fall, AlamoPROMISE奖学金获得者必须每年提交并完成续期财务申请.

After the submission of your FAFSA/TASFA application, 检查您的ACES帐户,确认您的FAFSA或TASFA申请已被验证,并且所有要求都已满足.

In order to ensure your continued AlamoPROMISE status and timely awarding, please submit any additional documentation requested by the *Financial Aid Priority Date of May 1.

*经济援助优先日期是为了确保在上课的第一天之前审查和处理学生的经济援助申请. To qualify as a priority applicant, Alamo Colleges must receive your completed FAFSA, verification documents, and all other requested documents ON or BEFORE the priority date.

Standard processing time can take 2-3 weeks, 所以请尽早提交你的FAFSA,以便在优先日期之前处理和收集额外的文件. 任何未完成的经济援助文件将通过学生门户网站 ACES要求.

任何未完成的经济援助文件都将通过学生门户网站请求, ACES

Steps to Complete Verification:
  • Log into ACES

  • 检查“我的页面”的“经济援助清单”部分,以了解未满足的经济援助要求

  • 完成所有要求的PDF /DocuSign/其他文件,并按照提供的说明提交:      
    • 您也可能会被要求遵循一个URL链接到ProVerifier+学生门户网站,并与您的alamo注册.edu email address.

    • If directed to the ProVerifier+ student portal, make sure to check and complete all document requests in both the ProVerifier+ AND your ACES student portals. -十大网赌正规网址官网区正在使用ProVerifier+系统来协助您完成验证过程. 自动ProVerifier+系统代表您和/或您的父母直接与IRS沟通,以获取IRS的正式税务记录, 节省大量的时间和精力,并确保正确的文件为正确的年份被要求. 您和/或您的父母只需要以电子方式填写和设计IRS表格4506-T/C表格和验证工作表- ProVerifier+将完成其余工作!
For help with any Financial Aid documents:

资源可以帮助您通过以下方式提交和完成财务援助申请 Financial Aid Saturdays and Financial Aid TV. 财政援助周六会议不需要注册,财政援助电视教程可以在你方便的时候观看.

Additional Financial Aid Resources


If you have any concerns about Financial Aid and AlamoPROMISE Scholar Status, the AlamoPROMISE Program Office is also available to address questions at


Resources on-campus


As an AlamoPROMISE Scholar, 您可以访问以下资源生态系统,以帮助您获得成功. Some resources include: Laptop and Wi-Fi hotspot check-out, student emergency aid, student food support from the San Antonio Food Bank, Housing and Rental Assistance programs, mental health counseling and other referrals for public assistance. The following are direct links to other services available to our students:

Advocacy Centers provide services like job assistance, food security, clothing, childcare, utility assistance and counseling.


Additional Helpful Links:

Academic Advising
Career Resources & Services
Transfer Services
Experiential Learning
Tutoring Services


Promise-to-Promise Information



Promise to Promise允许符合条件的学生从五所十大网赌正规网址官网中的任何一所开始,然后转学到UTSA完成四年制学位,同时两所学院都承担教育费用.

“承诺到承诺”计划鼓励符合某些资格标准的十大网赌正规网址官网学生转学到UTSA,并支付学费和学费 mandatory 通过UTSA大胆承诺计划,支付最多连续四个秋季和春季学期的费用.

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